गुरुवार, नवंबर 14, 2013

Each image of Kashmiri Hindu House is stark,

Plain-spoken, without embellishment
14-06-2009 को अपलोड किया गया
My Lost Home
Video Produced by: Deepak Ganju
Images: Veer Munshi & Deepak Ganju
Song: Arti Tiku Kaul
See at shehjar Magazine at:http://www.shehjar.com/list/94/840/1....

Each image of Kashmiri Hindu House
is stark, plain-spoken, without embellishment.
There is no annotati ve manipulati on of these
images, no theatricality, no vein of melodrama,
no overtly elegiac air, no demand for sympathy.
There they stand, in our line of sight: ruins,
monuments, memorials.
This is testimony to the unforgiving march of
history, which takes no prisoners.
'Ranjit Hoskote'  (Courtesy: YouTube)

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